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My Yearly Goals and Where I’m At

Back in December I sat thinking about my goals for the next year.  Most people call them resolutions.  I always hated that because I always felt required to make the resolutions I thought everyone else wanted me to make.  And I never kept them, because I never wanted to nor really intended to.

In reading Dave Ramsey’s book Entre-Leadership, he said very explicitly in there that if you want to keep your goals – write them down.  Otherwise you won’t keep them.  I’ve never been one to write my goals down but I can attest – you will be much more motivated and on point if you do.

And truthfully guys, they are for you, not everyone else.  You can give your friends the cliche ones if you must because I think everyone claims to want to eat more vegetables.  but consider making a list for yourself.  I typed my list on my laptop in December while sitting at my parents’ house.  I didn’t show it to them or my husband or my son.  Now I did very soon after share the list with my husband but starting it was my initiative and it was things I wanted to accomplish, not things I thought I should want to accomplish.

Where am I with those?  Mostly on target.  I wanted to read my devotional every day and while I’m caught up, every day has turned into every other day or every third day at times.  I’m trying to get better about that but I missed out on half the year last year and I really want to finish the devotional I’m reading.

I want to read 50 books.  I’m ahead on that at this point [yes I’m counting books I read to my son because they do count!].  Goodreads has a yearly reading challenge and I signed up for that.  I’m at 17 completed so far so I may end up upping the goal at some point.

I have a goal to write 200,000 words during the year.  I’ve discovered that even attempting NaNoWriMo is just a stressful thing.  It’s 50,000 words in one month and add to that – it’s November.  Thanksgiving is a big holiday in hubby’s family so we end up spending a lot of the month getting ready for that and starting to get ready for Christmas so I’ve already got a busier schedule than usual.  Another reason I can’t do NaNo is that November and December I often write little to nothing just due to lack of inspiration/aforementioned busy schedule.  Trying to find time to do NaNo is just unrealistic.  Instead I sign up for another challenge called Get Your Words Out.  Their signups are sadly closed until the lead up to next year but I highly recommend it if you want to do a yearly writing goal instead.  I’m finding it much less stressful and I’m even ahead on the count.  My blog counts of course, but I’m also writing stories and the like.

I’ve added blogging to the list of yearly goals.  I want to update my gaming blog at least once a month and this blog at least once a week.  Clearly I’m a bit ahead on that schedule but writing is my outlet.  The time to be worried is when I can’t write, not when I write more than expected.

And exercise is back on the table as well.  My arthritis is under a lot better control and exercise will only help.  I’m starting slow but I’m trying to exercise almost every day.  If I go out running errands, I’m skipping that day but that’s simply to prevent me from overdoing.  I overdid a couple years ago and ended up pulling a muscle cluster in my back.  Let’s just say I never want to go there again.  Ever.  Even after just a week of keeping the schedule, I’m feeling better.  Fatigue is still a constant friend but it’s becoming a different kind of fatigue.  If the weather will ever stabilize, I think I’ll only advance faster.  The wild temperature swings are not pleasant in any way.  I don’t think we had but a week of real winter this go around.

Declutter 365/Home Storage Solutions is another thing we’re doing, but more casually.  Although we’re not keeping up on the day to day, we’re trying to get things done using the calendar.  I pick and choose what I can do during the week and then tackle harder things with hubby on the weekend.

Anyway, thanks for reading my rambles 🙂



Welcome to Mom’s 2 Cents Blog!

Hello world!

Not really sure what to say but I guess I should introduce myself.  I guess you can call me Kay.  I’m a homeschool mom, stay at home wife and mother, geek and gamer.  I live in a little country town and I’ve thought for years about starting a blog to have a space to write well… my two cents on things.  I’m talking about all sorts of things – whatever I feel like talking about that time.  I’m going to try to set a schedule because that’s the best way to go about this blogging thing [something I am very poor at doing on my gaming blog].

We’ll see how this develops of course.

I should probably mention that I have been inspired by Dana Loesch and her ability to put herself out there and say what she thinks and what she believes regardless of the response she gets.  I would like to be more like that.  The person I am at home and the person I am in the world may be the same person but sometimes I feel like they aren’t.  I’m not shy about telling my husband what I think and how I feel about things.  And he’s always good about listening [even in those moments when I may be a little nuts].  I’m much more reserved everywhere else and maybe especially so with my side of the family, some of whom vociferously opposed Trump this election.

Nope, I’m not a die hard Trump supporter.  I actually supported Ted Cruz in the primaries [though Dr. Carson would have been my first choice – I’ve admired that man since I was given his Gifted Hands book as a child].  I voted for Trump reluctantly but with the belief that he was the better of two bad choices.  As Mr. Dave Ramsey says in his book Entre-leadership, “One reason people make bad decisions is they don’t have a good decision as one of their options.”   I think that quote is rather appropriate with life in general.

Anyway, welcome to my corner of the web!