Welcome to Mom’s 2 Cents Blog!

Hello world!

Not really sure what to say but I guess I should introduce myself.  I guess you can call me Kay.  I’m a homeschool mom, stay at home wife and mother, geek and gamer.  I live in a little country town and I’ve thought for years about starting a blog to have a space to write well… my two cents on things.  I’m talking about all sorts of things – whatever I feel like talking about that time.  I’m going to try to set a schedule because that’s the best way to go about this blogging thing [something I am very poor at doing on my gaming blog].

We’ll see how this develops of course.

I should probably mention that I have been inspired by Dana Loesch and her ability to put herself out there and say what she thinks and what she believes regardless of the response she gets.  I would like to be more like that.  The person I am at home and the person I am in the world may be the same person but sometimes I feel like they aren’t.  I’m not shy about telling my husband what I think and how I feel about things.  And he’s always good about listening [even in those moments when I may be a little nuts].  I’m much more reserved everywhere else and maybe especially so with my side of the family, some of whom vociferously opposed Trump this election.

Nope, I’m not a die hard Trump supporter.  I actually supported Ted Cruz in the primaries [though Dr. Carson would have been my first choice – I’ve admired that man since I was given his Gifted Hands book as a child].  I voted for Trump reluctantly but with the belief that he was the better of two bad choices.  As Mr. Dave Ramsey says in his book Entre-leadership, “One reason people make bad decisions is they don’t have a good decision as one of their options.”   I think that quote is rather appropriate with life in general.

Anyway, welcome to my corner of the web!


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